🚨U.S. Capitol Police Investigating Video of 2 Men Having Sex in Senate Hearing Room

So remember folks evil deeds done by evil people who live a risky life with skeletons in their closet are always rewarded with KARMA and well as the U.S. Capitol Police are investigating reports of two men having sex in public on Capitol grounds, The Advocate confirmed late Friday that a very explicit video reportedly shot in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill has ignited widespread controversy and attention online. The Daily Caller, first reported on the existence of the video on Friday. The clip depicts two men engaged in a sexual act in what the publication claims is room Hart 216.

The footage seems to be shot in a Senate hearing room and it's said the video has two unidentified men engaged in a sexual act inside what appears to be a room known for hosting hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee. One of the men is nude and hunched over the dais behind which senators would typically sit when conducting official business and questioning witnesses. The clip, recorded from the perspective of the other participant, includes a brief pan of the Senate seal on the wall.
“We are aware and looking into this," a spokesperson for the Capitol Police told The Advocate Friday evening in response to a request for comment. 

Reports are that The Advocate contacted the office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat, but did not immediately hear back. 
Widely circulated and unconfirmed reports online identified a staffer for Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin as one of the people who are shown in the video. He's the Anti Trump cock sucker in the video on top and now I can say he's a cock sucker because he indeed is now known to be a man who enjoys sucking cock. As per the video he's also a massive asshole.

"We have seen media reports emanating from the right-wing media. As this is a personnel matter and under review, we will not be commenting further at this time," a spokesperson for Cardin told 
The Advocate. 

LOL "A personal Matter" yea had this been a conservative these same leftists would be calling for an instant removal or whoever it was from stepping in congress again. Talk about a pervert though! Old man can't go have his gay sex in private in his own home or Hotel? What a dick! LOL

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