FULL Trump Rally in Reno Nevada


Former President Donald J. Trump on Sunday defended six Nevada Republicans who were indicted in connection with a so called by the left a "scheme to overturn his 2020 election loss," by using the laws given to him as President while they keep these fake indictments against him he went out claiming with evidence all over the place but the mainstream media lied and refused to showcase it or even talk about it and has been lying to us all since then while Joe Biden has indeed sold us out to those he's laundering our tax payer money too. Trump is a victim of political persecution by the Biden administration. 

We the people can see it all and now Mr. Trump has repeatedly rebuffed accusations this month that he has antidemocratic inclinations by pointing his finger at President Biden. He says with again mountaing evidence that Mr. Biden is weaponizing the Justice Department to influence the 2024 election. We the people can see it, and this video is another great Rally speach by the former and next President! Donald J Trump!

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