Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/9/23

This is pure complete insanity, and proof that we don't live in a free country anymore..... We're in a real Police State.
This is unbelievable when someonen had been arrested for posting a JOKE about Hillary Clinton in 2016, around time for the presidential election. Mind you he didn't get arrested until after JOE BIDEN became President. The FBI, and cops showed up at arrested this man for simple re-posting a meme and mocking Hillary. Folks you won't believe this! 

Ep. 38 The First Amendment is done. Douglass Mackey is about to go to prison for mocking Hillary Clinton on the internet. We talked to him right before his sentencing. Remember as you watch that this could be you.

Someone, PLEASE, tell me we are free.... Do we really live in a Communist country? Or are we free? You decide.

The nastiest woman to live on this planet someone who might have gotten away with how many people getting murdered, how many HUMAN including CHILD TRAFFICKING, CHEATING, AND... YOU NAME IT...... But an innocent person goes to jail and experience a destroyed life, for doing NOTHING WRONG, except laughing at Hillary Clinton!

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