The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is a criminal

So for a guy whos gone hard on TRUMP over his b/s cases being thrown at him which include the fraud case in NYC which deals with Trump "over evaluating" his properties which isn't a crime as the bank have all said he did nothing wrong. They have adjusters who come out after they get the numbers from people like TRUMP seeking out a loan and they agree on terms both sides shake hands and that's how it's always worked. Also Trump paid everyone back and again banks were all happy with him, his companies so a victimless crime which Trump did nothing wrong yet he's was charged by a lunatic like LeTitia James and her wacky Judge Arthur EngeryMoron who both claimed Trump was guilty and had number of money he was going to be fined before a trial had even been started.

Also SHE ran for election based on "I'm going to get TRUMP!" Than when questioned when the trial started she lied and said she didn't run on such base and this was because "Nobody is above the law!" Well LeTitia are you going to go after Jon Stewart as he's GUILTY of doing what YOU lied about on TRUMP... There are records to prove it on Jon this time you don't need to make up evidence and lie this ones for real... Highly doubt they will go at Jon tho since he's in the leftist "CLUB" and he plays on their rules.

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