Nancy Pelosi lies on TV again about 1/6


Nasty @SpeakerPelosi can't stop lying about the 1/6 saying @realDonaldTrump didn't do enough! The entire time she spent tearing into TRUMP when asked about the topic if he took part in an insurrection she said she thinks so but yet folks he's not charged with that neither is anyone else who did in fact enter the capitol. SO you can't say he did something he's not been charged or convicted of. This to me is grounds for Donald Trump to sue her for labeling him something he's not. IF this was me and I was in Trumps shoes I'd make a lawsuit about this very fact going forward.

She speaks here about it being "Republicans" who have helped in the case against Trump and she doesn't mention names. Yes it's the same ones who we know are RINOS the Liz Chaney and them. She doesn't mention the names just says "Republicans" while she stutters, and rambles on clearly showing her hate for Donald Trump and us the people. More than that when asked direct questions she does this sing and dance act and circle talks around it without giving a direct answer. Remember she impeached Trump multiple times for asking a newly elected leader to help stop "Corruption" because their previous administration was corrupt. So this leads to him getting impeached?

Oh and just so happens this new leader now the same leftists who tried to take down Trump and his presidency for that call are giving that man BILLIONS to fight a war which was started and egged on by the left, and Joe Biden with Barrack Obama backing them. Folks these people are so evil if you can't see it all for yourselves you're either bought and paid for by them, a moron or just so brain washed you only believe their lies knowing Biden is a known liar since 1988.

Now back to the whole reason this post was made here which is about Nasty Pelosi... You see the clear FACT remains even if she wont publicly say it is that it was HER & DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who turned down TRUMP & the National Guard Both said NO.

Now they blame him for the wrong doing they did! This is what they do they project their sins into Trump so to spin the news and re-write facts to fit the lie and narrative they want us to swallow. Once again more lies from her, and it's clear this person wants.

She is guilty of being so mettling during his time in office with her fake impeachments and lead to the real big lie which was the 2020 riots where the radical left with BLM and Antifa orchestrated the big coup of this country in order to help "rig" the election. Covid and all them riots lead to helping them rig it all. We as Americans can see it as bright as the day sky.

She is fooling nobody when we all see the harm, and vile behavior of the man she praises Joe Biden who's quickly turned our borders into a disaster, and got us all the inflation we're now hurting from. Folks if you still buy the lies coming from Pelosi and the radical left media may god have mercy on your soul and ignorant mind because you are simply an idiot.

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