MTG Shows Hunter Biden photos to congress

All Hell Breaks Loose When Marjorie Taylor Greene Displays Shocking Alleged Pics From Hunter Biden and his now official laptop which even Hunter has admitted to having lost more than 1. As many as 3 are out there and it shows how much he broke the law which includes "Human trafficking!" IN what is called "THE MAN ACT" and he belongs in prison JUST for this alone. But let alone smoking crack on video, and the entire "BIG GUY" info on how JOE BIDEN and his time as VP for "The Obamanation" we had in the OVAL Office he sold access to our enemies world wide.

These facts are as clear as day! Now unlike Donald Trump JR who sat for days and answered all sorts of questions when he was subpoenaed the son of Joe Biden wouldn't answer questions and when it got to hot in there he left and shows just how corrupt and butthurt this man is over the fact his life and crimes are being exposed to the world.

The facts of the media lying, and covering up the LAPTOP in 2020 is as clear as the complete shit shows happening to Donald Trump Sr in these fake, and fraud indictments happening to him. So another day another bullshit lie on TRUMP but Hunter, and JOE are allowed to break the laws, and constitution at will while the left hold TRUMP gagged and can't even defend himself publically without having one these leftists communist judges trying to stop him from talking. 

So he can't defend himself in an all corrupt leftist JUDGE, and DA's all out to get TRUMP at all cost. They're not just trying to hurt him financially they want him in prison for life, and for what? They claim he was involved in an inssurection? But he has NOT been charged or convicted of such an act, and neither has ANYONE involved on JAN 6th 2021 captitol tour as I'm calling it now.

Hunter and JOE are dirty, and we all know it and it takes real evil people to vote for JOE BIDEN and to help sweep Hunters activities under the rug. This includes again "CRACK USE", "Human traffacking" and Pedophilia! So they get away with that also JOE as VP had no rights to take documents and we all know he not just took them but kept them in his garage, and in an office he shared with Eric Swallowswell and his "Chinese" informant and spy of the CCP.... YES the same Eric who helped Hunter bury the laptop scandal, and the one who has been a known liar, and nut from day one against TRUMP and his supporters.

YET Biden's are seemingly "ABOVE THE LAW" cause had Trump or his kids done half what the BIDENS have done they would all be on DEATH ROW right now as per the communists on the left just fuming at the idea of ANYTHING they can use to take him down. Like how they're openly making shit up in all these cases to try and find a way to keep us from voting for our guy. 

They're scared of us patriots voting for TRUMP they're not just making up lies they're breaking the actual constitution to do so. This tell us all we need to know... "NOBODY is ABOVE THE LAW" unless you're on the LEFTIST LIBERALS Radical team than you can do whatever you want from being a pedophile to smoking crack on video to whatever crimes you want to commit.

Look at Kamala Harris who went out of her way to not just pay for the rioters in 2020 to bail out of prison but went on tv saying hey should CONTINUE! This is the VP under the JOE BIDEN admisnistration folks! A PERSON who endoresed the tearing down of our nation in 2020 and encouraged violence, death, looting, and burning of buildings costing us tax payers 100's of millions to pay for the damages during "THE SUMMER of LOVE" in CHAZ and all over this country where the left had their way. They did it and got away with it... 

Nothing happens to them but the people on JAN 6th are being held hostage still over NOTHING! Nobody was harmed other than Ashli Babbitt who was murdered by a goon who was helped by Nasty Nancy Pelosi so he could get away with murder.

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