Trump "TDS" strikes again! Check out this incredibly stupid person Nikki McCann Ramirez!

Watch her clear idiotic hate for Trump in full display here and so now you will find out who this lunatic leftist little nobody is and why she's doing what she does. See you know I love when these lunatic leftists come out and deny facts and try to make things up to cover up lies like our eyes aren't good enough to understand what we see. Mexicana TRUMP hating Nikki McCann Ramirez who is a complete nobody bobble head loser for Rolling Stoners Magazine. And yes I know I said Stoners... I know it's funny but this idiot Nikki has to be puffing on some real good weed if she thinks the AMERICAN people believe the garbage she posted on that highly leftist rag mag nobody with 2 active brain cells gives a crap about.

"Trump Has Been Pushing Lies About Judge’s Wife, Court Says!" Claims Nikki in her recent post and instead instead of posting just what's happening of course this idiot leftist loser low life has to go and trash TRUMP because she isn't a "REAL REPORTER" shes just another bobble head over paid shill for the radical left trojan horse that's invaded our country. Let's look at her page here. As you can see all her posts are Anti Trump so this is how this works folks. People who read that bullshit magazine read that shit and are being brainwashed into believing some lie about Donald Trump and anyone but they always cover up for the left no matter what. Even when they're busted, and caught red handed.

Remember the LAPTOP lies? The Russian misinformation with Trump based on the Steel docs that lead to the fraud impeachment paid for by Hillary Clinton? These are all known facts. The wicked left lies all the time. This is beyond pathetic just like the cases against Trump. The fake one in NYC based on nothing with no victims, and yes a Judge who is known and on RECORD hating on TRUMP! A side kick in court who is being rumored to be his mistress and who knows maybe the Judge and his filthy wife have some sort of "OPEN MARRIAGE" which isn't shocking as most these disgusting people are into these things. But with that said remember TISH JAMES who said in public SHE DID NOT Run for office based on getting TRUMP! And later video of her contradicting her own words.

These people are a TROJAN HORSE in the system and the funny thing is that they can get away with saying and doing all these shameful acts cause morons like NIKKI and toilet paper MAGAZINES like Rolling Stone can keep pushing out radical anti American agendas. The communists are in media, and politics and we all know it's not Trump as he's just 1 guy, and the entire left is conspiring to take him down and keep lying to cover up the reality of what is happening and like an illusionist they expect us to buy it, and take them at the word of a bunch of known liars.

Now check out this boys and girls if you still think that the media, and Hollyweird left are honest please seek mental help fast! These people lie, cheat and are trying to destroy not just TRUMP but the very fabric of this country. The very constitution they now wipe their nasty behinds with. They don't believe in "AMERICA FIRST" they hate this country... And this is where it's time we draw the line. I'm not some "WHITE SUPREMACIST" I'm a latino born in Havana Cuba who came here legally and became a Citizen. I LOVE this country and hate to see how these communists are hell bent on turning this into another Cuba, Venezuela, NAZI Germany communist nation.

Look at what Nikki posted it's clearly coming from someone who is paid to write anti Trump slander, and she does it all the time. This is how conditioning and mental manipulation works. The funny thing again is they think we're not on to them? We have been awaken by just watching this whole thing unfold since 2015. They attack, investigate make shit up and when Trump fights back they post he's evil, and make up more lies.

But none of them will talk about JOE BIDEN who has been getting away with criminal behavior for decades along with his son, both Bill and Hillary Clinton and well Barrack Obama whos real name is Barry Santos. He is one of the major players behind this along with George Sorros, Chuky Schummer, Nasty Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Shiff, Raphael Warnock, Jamie Raskin, the entire Fraud Squad. You know AOC plus the other 4 lunatics always with her.

These people invaded our politics and with the help of Hollywood & Media they keep lying to you the public. This is how they planned to build back? With Lies, and cheating and all at our tax payers expense. These people wouldn't give 2 Billion to build the southern border wall to protect our border but given away what over 100 Billion to fight wars? The thing is that it's on both sides make no mistake about it this is the Radical left and the RINOS on the right like Lying Liz Chaney, and those others who is too long a list to mention.

This is whats causing our country to go into the toilet fast and they will continue to lie and make up stuff on TRUMP and weaponize the justice department and illegally go after an innocent man so they can keep the power and continue to turn this country into the same communist countries they come from or just love. OR are being paid by. Trump is being put into a position like I've never seen before and the lies against him are so clear you're either sold out to these people or you're just a complete idiot who can't see the facts even when explained to you on a grade school level.

"Trump’s viral posts attacking Mrs. Engoron were based on blogs and social media posts authored by extremist, pro-Trump advocate Laura Loomer, a known purveyor of misinformation. Earlier this month Loomer published screenshots of anti-Trump X (formerly Twitter) posts from an account operating under the name “Dawn Marie.” Throughout November Loomer alleged, without offering concrete evidence, that the account belonged to Mrs. Engoron." lol "a known purveyor of misinformation" oh wait so Nikki you who are actually a lying idiot are calling her that? I mean you who voted for the father of a now known to be 100% fact crackhead loser that lost 3 laptops and all the proof of their corruption is proven to be 100% fact? It seems like more leftist projecting. Which is something these people love to do.

All the time they project the crap they do on to others which is hilarious as the facts NEVER back them up! Laura Loomer is pro Trump sure! But she has busted Dawn Marie on the same Twitter Account she owned. She closed the account when she became exposed... Now you know many seen the posts and the replies she did post are to other posts which are all still online. SO again folks they don't want us to believe our eyes and want us to believe their lies.

"Donald Trump’s attacks against Dawn Engoron, the wife of New York Judge Arthur Engoron, were — surprise — likely based on a lie. The former president spent several days this week targeting Mrs. Engoron, accusing her of posting anti-Trump content on her social media and claiming her opinion of him was evidence of bias in her husband’s rulings on Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York." Wrote this biased so called reporter "Nikki McCann Ramirez" see let's start with "Donald Trump’s attacks against Dawn Engoron, the wife of New York Judge Arthur Engoron, were "likely based on a lie." 

But there is proof he isn't lying which we all know by now... But she continues that "The former president spent several days this week targeting Mrs. Engoron, accusing her of posting anti-Trump content on her social media and claiming her opinion of him was evidence of bias in her husband’s rulings on Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York." Now folks as you all can see yourself the Judge and Tush James are on video, and record saying they hate Trump, and to me honestly both should be thrown in prison for this fraud case in NY. 

This b/s post on Rolling Trash is just another example of how twisted these leftists are... IF YOU READ that mag shame on you for supporting communists lying POS magazines and so called writers like Nikki.

The Judges wife Dawn Engoron told Newsweek earlier this month that she does “not have a Twitter account. This is not me. I have not posted any anti Trump messages.” And like TUSH James she's lying and we all know it. Remember these people think we're stupid and can't figure out their games by now. But Nikki continues.

"Regardless, Trump seized on Loomer’s allegations to claim that Judge Engoron was overseeing irreparably biased proceedings against him, an argument the former president and his attorneys have repeatedly attempted to make in court." Which the Judge, and his sidekick GF have been doing. What Judge throws a "GAG ORDER" on someone he's openly bashed, and so has the AG Tush James on a regular basis no less. Oh so Trump has to take the slander, lies and insults but if he fights back verbally! OMG GAG HIM! HOW DARE HIM! LOL

“Judge Engoron’s Trump Hating wife, together with his very disturbed and angry law clerk, have taken over control of the New York State Witch Hunt Trial aimed at me, my family, and the Republican Party,” Trump wrote Wednesday on Truth Social which is 100% FACTS!

Friday, after the court had refuted his claims against Mrs. Engoron like we didn't see that coming I mean you expect these freaks to come clean and admit what they did? Look at Jussie Smollett! He was caught red handed and he's still lying! Oh and he's close to Kamala Harris too... AND OBAMA! Hmmmm See the pattern folks? So Nikki said that "Trump doubled down on Truth Social. The former president claimed that the wife of Judge Engoron who as soon deleted her account on" Which we all know she did and seen the now proven fact. Also Elon Musk can reveal if this was from her or not and who closed the account and he can bring it back to life since for some odd reason Dawn deleted it. Just funny soon as it was exposed it gets deleted? lol 

Trump did continue saying "Because what she said, in any other Court in the Nation, would call for an immediate Mistrial with sanctions against the Judge and the Attorney General.” Which there shouldn't even be a trial since there in NO CRIME, NO VICTIM, and this is clearly only being done as "ELECTION FRAUD!" To manipulate the outcome of peoples votes for 2024. This is Election interference by the left.

Nikki McCann Ramirez on X just click on the clown getting pissed on by The Trump Toon! 

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