Diddy has his houses raided by Homeland Security!

Take that, take that... unha! Well this came out of nowhere but The Los Angeles home of Sean "Diddy" Combs was raided by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Monday in connection with a federal sex trafficking case, said authorities. "Earlier today, Homeland Security Investigations New York executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation with assistance from HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami and our local law enforcement partners. We will provide further information as it becomes available," As released in a statement by HSI.

The federal raid occurred at Combs' $40 million home in LA's lavish Holmby Hills neighborhood and across the coast, HSI also raised the music mogul's Miami home on Star Island. The home was registered to Bad Boys Films, a division of Bad Boy Entertainment, along with one of Combs’ daughters. At this time, the Department of Homeland Security has not named Diddy as the focus of the investigation but Homeland Security expert Hal Kempfer said that there have been allegations that he had been drugging young women and that the agency is likely looking into the alleged crimes committed in multiple states.

Kempfer also added that some of the evidence they’re looking for includes "laptops, flash drives, and anything that would connect Combs with the allegations." In addition, he said "obtaining a search warrant of this magnitude requires a lengthy process and that working with state and local attorneys was likely required." Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department were also at the scene and refused to comment. "We will always support law enforcement when it seeks to prosecute those that have violated the law," said Doug Wigdor, a lawyer for Cassie Ventura and one of Diddy’s other accusers, in a released statement. "Hopefully, this is the beginning of a process that will hold Mr. Combs responsible for his depraved conduct." Diddy was also mentioned in Katt Williams’ explosive interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

"All lies will be exposed," Williams said when asked about Diddy, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Last year, Casandra Ventura, also known as R&B singer Cassie, dropped a bombshell lawsuit in a New York federal court against the Bad Boy mogul. Combs and Ventura dated between 2005 and 2018. The lawsuit detailed several eyebrow-raising allegations that detailed years of alleged abuse. The two then settled on a settlement the next day. But Diddy wasn't free and clear just yet as a week later, two women came forward to accuse the hip-hop mogul of sexual abuse in a separate lawsuit. Both of those lawsuits were filed in Nov. 2023 on the eve of the expiration of the Adult Survivors Act, a New York law permitting victims of sexual abuse a one-year window to file civil action regardless of the statute of limitations. The filings detail acts of sexual assault, beatings and forced drugging allegedly committed in the early 1990s by Combs, then a talent director, party promoter and rising figure in New York City’s hip-hop community.

One of the accusers, Joi Dickerson, said she was a 19-year-old student at Syracuse University when she agreed to meet Combs at a restaurant in Harlem in 1991. After their date, Combs "intentionally drugged" her, then brought her home and sexually assaulted her, according to the filing. Without her knowledge, Combs videotaped the assault and later shared it with several friends in the music industry, the suit alleges. The public exposure sent Dickerson into a "tailspin," contributing to severe depression that landed her in the hospital and forced her to drop out of college. Fast-forward to Feb. 2024, Combs faced another lawsuit filed by a male music producer. The suit, filed in federal court in New York, accused Combs of repeated instances of unsolicited groping and sexual touching. It also says the man had to work in a bathroom while Combs showered and walked around naked.

A lawyer for Combs called the events described in the lawsuit "pure fiction." "We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies," said Combs attorney Shawn Holley in response which is honestly laughable to read or say outloud because if he did nothing there shouldn't proof going either way. This is a "She Said vs He Said" case and what "OVERWHELMING INDISPUTABLE PROOF" do they have? What some friends of Comb who say he didn't do it? lol Man I can't wait to see where this goes. But she went on to say that "We will address these outlandish allegations in court and take all appropriate action against those who make them," so let's see what happens next.

Remember Diddy has also been connected by a lot of people to the 1994 and possible 1996 shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur. So this could be what finally see's Diddy face time for his overall life of crime. Because of his beef with Suge Knight we lost both Tupac and Biggie! Over some dumb stuff. Two people with an amazing gift taken too soon because of bad people surrounding them and guiding them to their death.

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