Zachary Abell Found Guilty of Murder!

So word finally has come out on the trial against Zachary Abell who is someone I was friends with after meeting him years ago when his girlfriend the other person charged Christina Araujo worked worked for the dealership I worked for "Florida Fine Cars" and I was her manager in our department. Well this case has been pending since 2018 but finally justice was done as Zachary was found guilty of second-degree murder, accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence in connection to a gruesome 2018 murder. 

Jurors deliberated for five hours Friday afternoon, returning with a verdict just minutes before 5 p.m. The Franklin County man’s sentencing is expected in March.

Abell is one of two people again accused in a murder at the Sportsman’s Lodge in 2018. The Franklin County Sheriff described the motel room crime scene as “horrific,” telling WCTV that 30-year-old Aileen Seidin was beaten to death there.

Her body was dumped on the side of a dirt road...

Prosecutors say Abell’s co-defendant, Christina Araujo, testified against him at trial. Araujo has already entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder according to prosecutors, and she will be sentenced at a later date.

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