Oprah THREATENS Katt Williams For Exposing Her

Oprah THREATENS Katt Williams For Exposing Her For Being A Hollywood Handler! But here are the reasons why, and while it's not my video check it out it's very informative on what Oprah has been into. She is not a saint or even good person. Considering this and what we all saw happened in Hawaii... I still think in my opinion her hands are dirty in the fires that took place in Hawaii.

I can't prove that and again it's only my opinion! That issue doesn't look good for her along with these allegations. She's been shady for a long time and even on how she turned on TRUMP who she used to glow and go gaga for in the 90's now she hates? A Guy who's never done a thing to her but he allowed her to have him on her show many times which only helped her in the ratings. She should be grateful not hateful.

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