Robert F. Kennedy Jr. forming a new party?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who I think is a good guy and would make a good President but his main problem is his voice and I mean that literally... Not his words or message but his actual voice.

While he's got zero chance of winning in 2024 he is trying to form a new party to help get on the ballot in six states for 2024. IF Anything the man is persistant. Sadly he's hard to listen to but he's got a great mind which is a sad issue for someone of his caliber, and background. But these are facts. But while he's trying to get in several states in an effort to get on the ballot in those states with fewer signatures than would otherwise be needed Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign announced Tuesday he is working to create a new political party the "We The People party".

The campaign said it is forming the parties in some states because “the party ballot access requires fewer signatures (than running as an individual candidate) and is therefore the most direct path to ballot access in those states.” At least two of those states require party registration to get on the ballot, according to the New York Times, meaning Kennedy Jr. will need to get about 75,000 voters in California to register with the party in order to gain ballot access, and about 770 voters to do so in Delaware.

His campaign said overall the political party route will reduce the total number of signatures he needs to get on the ballot in every state by about 330,000. That’s how many states Kennedy Jr. has already qualified to be on the ballot in, according to the New York Times. Kennedy Jr. collected the 1,000 required signatures in Utah earlier this month.

Kennedy Jr. began his presidential run as a Democratic candidate last April, but switched to run as an independent candidate in October abandoning his family’s long history with the Democratic Party, after attracting much of his support from far right online circles. After initially launching his campaign as a Democrat, though, Kennedy Jr. criticized both parties, saying their leaders are corrupt, as is the two-party system as a whole. A longshot candidate for the presidential race this year, he has also spent years promoting conspiracy theories about things ranging from Covid-19 and the efficacy of vaccines generally to alleging that the wrong person could have been convicted of killing his father.

Kennedy Jr. pulls in about 15% support in three way polling with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump on the ballot, according to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average.

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