Judge Slams Brakes on Trump’s Election Case Amid Immunity Appeal

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan who had previously dismissed the Trump team’s arguments for having the case thrown out on Wednesday agreed to largely halt proceedings in former President Donald Trump’s federal election interference case as he appeals her denial for his bid to have the case thrown out on the grounds of “presidential immunity.” Which is a clear case of here and he should NOT even be on trial. But this is how these corrupt letists roll when it comes to DJT. As we all know this is all election interfearance by the left. These indictments, and bogus charges are only to try and hurt him in the 2024 election which to me is hilarious as the guy in the casa blanca now is killing this country. He's literally destroying the economy, and selling us out to his people in the CCP, Russia, and paying for fake wars. Remeber the left wouldn't give Trump 2 Billion to secure our borders but have given over 100 Billion + to Ukraine in a proxy made up war.

But finally maybe there is some sort of help since Judge Chutkan who again had previously dismissed the Trump team’s arguments, ruling that his “four-year service as Commander-in-Chief did not bestow on him the divine right of kings to evade the criminal accountability that governs his fellow citizens.” Which in itself shows you that she's either not aware of the law or she's being a player in the "Take Trump Down" group on the left, and the Rinos on the right. Yes folks both sides have people who want to destroy this country and make money and gain power while hurting us the Citizens. But Chutkan did, however, ultimately side with their argument that proceedings ought to be halted so long as his appeal is pending. Prosecutors had urged her to keep the trial on track for March 4, a date Chutkan now says she’ll revisit after the appeal decision.

“[T]he court hereby STAYS the deadlines and proceedings scheduled by its Pretrial Order, as amended,” Chutkan wrote in her ruling. She added that the stay does not force the court to set aside measures it “already imposed to safeguard the integrity of these proceedings” including the conditions of Trump’s release and associated protective orders. Also with them over doing it on these bogus cases they failed to understand that with these cases his legal team needs time to get in order a defence and while he's running for office and is the leading candidate by far in every poll against everyone both GOP and DemonCraps (As I call em!) there is noway Trump can mount a defense in all these cases and so these cases must be moved past 2024 to 2025 for start dates.

Trump wins the election in 2024 and he will just make them all go away and that would be the end of that... Than the real fun starts when he and the legal team he puts in place go after the Biden crime family. But for now baby steps and this ruling is a good one in Trumps favor as the longer these things get delayed the bigger chances they wont even be able to go to trial until 2025.

All these cases are costing us tax payer money to take on a man we the people know is innocent and are backing up with support both in donations, and in the polls. He's leading BIDEN in ever poll now, and even the black community which typically has not been kind to Republicans went from 4% pro Trump and voting for him in 2016 to 8% in 2020. Now it's thought that much as 45-60% of these voters will vote Trump based on polling data. Everyone is starting to wake up to the corruption and lies in politics, and this is why TRUMP is our guy... He's the one main person who tells it like it is, and he does what he says he will do.

Now let's hope the good news keep coming...

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